Rick Gilbert on Florida Energy Policy

Rick Gilbert, Vice President of Solar Source

Rick Gilbert explains why the Sunshine State isn’t so solar friendly in this Solar Speaks podcast.

Solar Source Vice President Rick Gilbert is this week’s featured speaker in the Solar Power World podcast series known as Solar Speaks.  In his podcast, “Why the Sunshine State Isn’t So Solar Friendly”  Rick explains the complicated history of Florida solar energy policy and what you can do about it. Among the points he makes:
  • Florida lacks a comprehensive renewable energy policy
  • In Florida, third party purchases (known as PPAs) are prohibited.
  • Florida Investor Owned Utilities are guaranteed a profit of 10 percent.
  • The Florida Public Service Commission states that it is in the “public interest” to limit competition and grant electric power monopolies.
The essential rationale behind this argument is that IF customers generate their own power, THEN the utilities will have to charge other users more money so that they can keep up their 10 percent profit.  We all know this is ridiculous, and in fact, 22 other states agree, and allow some form of solar leasing, or third party power purchases. Solar Source is working to change these policies, and you can help by joining an advocacy organization, such as the Florida Alliance for Renewable Energy.
DSIRE Solar map of USA

DSIRE Solar map of states allowing 3rd party solar PV power purchase agreements.

VP Rick Gilbert featured in Solar Power World podcast

Solar Power World podcast series

Solar Source Vice President Rick Gilbert is one of the top five podcast interviews featured on Solar Power World

Our VP, Rick Gilbert was featured as one of the top five most listened-to podcasts for Solar Power World  in February.  Rick is going to be a regular contributor to the Solar Power World podcast series, which is called Solar Speaks. You can listen to his podcast here. Rick discussed the creation of Solar Source Institute, which offers general classes for the public on how solar panels work, and technical training for contractors who want to learn how to install solar panels.  Rick also discussed how lack of meaningful policy is hampering solar development by preventing large-scale investment in solar energy here in the Sunshine State. [pullquote style=”left” quote=”dark”]A Power Purchase Agreement or PPA is illegal in the state of Florida. A PPA allows customers to buy electricity monthly, instead of having out-of-pocket up-front costs. We’re working to change that.[/pullquote]  

MIA Green was awesome!

Vice President Rick Gilbert speaking to MIA Green audience.

Vice President Rick Gilbert speaking to MIA Green audience.

Solar Source attended the 2013 MIA Green Expo in Miami in February. Our President, Wayne Wallace, and VP Rick Gilbert were featured speakers at the event. Vice President, Rick Gilbert, had this to say about the event: “I have spoken on panels at many events. However, at this event I was impressed with the audience attendance. Every seat was full, and participants asked questions for approximately 30 minutes beyond the presentation.” [pullquote style=”left” quote=”dark”]People are very interested in the future of solar and how policy is a stumbling block to industry growth.”[/pullquote] “What I really liked about MiaGreen was the impressive international participation. Solar Source recently opened an office in Mexico City, and had our Spanish-speaking team at the show. This was invaluable as there were many participants from Mexico, Central, and S. America looking for resources, from equipment to project installations. As a result, we are now engaged with solar groups from several countries and are excited about the potential.” “Another thing we really liked about MiaGreen was the outstanding customer service. Solar Source has done a lot of shows over the years, some larger, some smaller, but of all the shows we’re participated the MiaGreen staff stayed involved with us start to finish and made us feel very welcome. We can’t thank Jose Garcia and his team enough and look forward to participating in future MiaGreen events.”
Solar Source speaks at MIA Green

Rick and Wayne standing in front of the poster announcing their talk at M


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